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Pure Wool
Preeminent Mills ITALY

Choose from an extensive array of 100% Italian bespoke and almost-bespoke suit designs, each a masterpiece of timeless elegance, meticulously curated from a treasury of over 1000 exquisite Italian fabrics sourced from the best of the best. Imbue your creation with your own personal flair by choosing your own favorite pieces from our books, transforming your creation into a bespoke masterpiece that speaks to your unique sensibilities.

With Sasa Milano, the epitome of sartorial sophistication is just a few steps away. Allow us to adorn you in a custom suit that embodies your essence, designed with meticulous precision, and brought to life in the span of a mere 2-3 weeks. Experience the epitome of personalized tailoring by visiting one of our distinguished showrooms, where our master craftsmen will ensure a fitting that transcends expectation.

Alternatively, embark on your sartorial odyssey from the comfort of your home with our innovative White-Glove (We Come To You) feature, available by appointment. With this service, design your own suits with unparalleled ease and grace with our person wherever you are.

Sasa Milano invites you to delve into the world of bespoke magnificence, where every garment narrates a tale of your singular taste. Elevate your presence and redefine elegance as you step into the bespoke realm of the finest.

Craft Your Timeless Elegance

1000 Fabrics, 800 Styles To Choose From.

Crisp Linen
Preeminent Mills ITALY

Breathable Cotton
Preeminent Mills ITALY

Preeminent Mills ITALY

From pure wool, crisp linen, and breathable cotton to the sheer indulgence of alpaca, cashmere, and silk, as well as timeless classics like corduroy and seersucker, our exquisite array of seasonal fabrics hails directly from Italy's preeminent mills.

From the count of meticulously crafted buttonholes, the selection of buttons, their precise placement, to the nuances of pocket styles, waistband features, the selection of luxurious linings, and an array of other bespoke attributes, you are bestowed with absolute sovereignty in the realm of personalization for every facet of your suit.

With Sasa Milano, the realm of customization is an exquisite tapestry of choices that extends to you full creative control. Immerse yourself in a symphony of possibilities, where you can fashion your ideal sport coat, tuxedo, complete suit, or jacket, harmonized precisely to your discerning tastes and the occasion at hand. With thousands of potential combinations at your fingertips, your sartorial vision can finally be realized with unparalleled precision.

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Our seasoned artisans stand ready to guide you through this personalized journey, ensuring that every element and fit is impeccably tailored to your unique physique and preferences. At Sasa Milano, perfection is not a mere aspiration; it is an unwavering commitment. Rest assured, your every visit will culminate in the embodiment of a sartorial masterpiece, perfectly attuned to your distinctive essence.

Elevate Every Occasion with Unrivaled Bespoke Elegance, Crafted Only for You.

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White-Glove Delivery Within 3 Weeks.